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Are Pick-Up Lines Your Best Option?

by: Candice Moore

Most people have used a "pick-up line" at one time or another in their quest to conquer someone in which they were interested in. The question is whether to use one or just start a simple conversation. In my life, thus far, I have encountered a few unforgettable "pick-up lines". Like, "do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?" or even better "smile so I can hear the angels sing". While as corny as they may be, they can serve as a nice ice breaker to start off a conversation. You just have to master when to use one and when not to.

For instance, if you're in a crowded dance club or bar, it can be rather hard for you to convey the message you are trying to send when you have to yell or speak loudly over music. Whether you are serious about what you are saying or not, the volume that you have to speak can alter the delivery of your overall attempt for a conversation. Most likely, this will leave you high and dry and faced with rejection.

On the other hand, seeing the person that peaks your interest in a quieter or calmer setting, like a store or lounge, can make your odds a bit better. Based on the way that you approach a person, a line could simply be taken as a compliment, if used appropriately. Lines such as, "baby you have a nice rack" or "god broke the mold when he made that body" are definitely not the ones to use. I find that most people however, prefer to be approached with the classic "hi, nice to meet you, my name is...". Even with this original and seemingly harmless approach, immediate rejection can be the response as well. Perplexing, I know.

So we are back to the same question. Do you use a pick-up line or not? In my opinion, it really depends on the person, the place, and the timing. In trying to figure out which method is best you have to become an observer and an assessor. Not a stalker, nor an obsessor (these choices never end well). You have to try to gauge the mood the person may be in. Say they are in a melancholy type of mood, then a corny pick-up line can make that person laugh or smile and open up the gate for you to walk-in. If they appear to be in a more upbeat mood, then a pick-up line or the classic approach can work. A person who seems upset, or any mood close to that, you may want to steer clear of. But if you are brave enough to take on that challenge head on, then I strongly advise against any lines. Just use a simple introduction, then you can go from there. Unless of course, you've done the work and you know the person's full mood. This can be to your advantage.

All in all, nothing beats a failure but a try is what I hear. Almost anything you say can be considered a line of some sort. So, my fellow daters, I urge you to be smart, be careful, and definitely, observe, assess, and apply. Also, have fun. Rejection is not the end of the world, it just creates a new path to travel to get to the correct destination.






Writer Bio:

Candice Moore has a true passion for writing. She is currently just a single girl trying to get her foot into the writing industry, by any means necessary. She writes novels, short stories, songs/raps, poetry, and now articles for this site. So I hope whomever is reading this enjoys her, because what she writes is truely her.. ~Kisses~


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