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First Date...Lounge or Dance Club?

by: Candice Moore

This has been a question that has been asked a lot lately, even among me and my friends on girl's night. When this question arises you would be surprised to hear some of the answers that come to light. It's not as open and close as you may think. So let me give you the good and bad of invitations to either location.

Dance Club

The Bad -

Many have certain reservations about meeting anyone from the club or even at the club. The mind set of some is that you meet someone in the club and all they are looking to do is have a "one-nighter". So in proposing the idea of going to a dance club you may give off the misconception that you are not trying to get serious at all.

Fellas, it's something like when you first meet a girl in the club, you may offer her a drink as a conversation starter. Some females feel that this is a way for you to get the female to owe you something and not just as a gesture to start a harmless conversation. So when making this the option for the first date you have to be careful.

Ladies, if you are the one proposing this idea then you may be looked as a "easy" kind of girl, and not someone that a man may consider to be "relationship" material. Just think back to when, if ever, you were approached in a club. Your first thoughts are about trust, whether he has genuine intentions or not. And all this just comes for the idea of making a dance club as your first date.

The Good -

If you are the type a person that enjoys the kind of atmosphere that a dance club can bring out in you and others, then this can also be a great choice. Dance clubs can allow you to kind of see the real person. If you are looking for someone who is not too stuck on the seriousness of day to day life and is not afraid to let their hair down, so to speak, then again this can be a good choice. I had a woman tell me that her and her boyfriend of 3 years had their first date at a club. She told me that she would rather go to a club because the atmosphere is not as personal and u can have a blast at the same time. She met him at a store and their first date/meeting was at a club two weekends later... She said she got to know him when they talked over the phone the whole week and when she sat in the seating area at the club... she just needed to see if he was able to have fun too. So in the end it could work out.

The Lounge

The Bad -

So the conversations about the lounge were mostly good, the oppositions I have encountered are that it can be too boring or too personal too fast. While it seems like the ideal situation for a first date, it's not for everyone. Getting to personal too fast can make your date pull back and put up or keep a wall up. Fun first and personal later, is a motto I heard once. I personally want to see the fun you before I see the serious you, it's seems I'm not the only one who feels this way.

The Good -

More people seem to lean towards the idea of the lounge. Either it's because it's more personal or it seems to have a more grown and sexy atmosphere. The idea of soft music, the low murmur of conversation, or even the idea of more one on one time can send a signal of "I want to get to know you better vibe". So less, can be good. Just don't make the conversation sexual, bad move. Good conversation, music, and food can spark off into something special.

All in all, I say you just have to gauge the person by the persona they give off. If they give off the impression that they are a larger than life type of person then maybe you should test that. If they are a more personal person then a mellower scene is best. In the end it should be an agreement on both parties. Remember the first date can be the last date, so make it count.






Writer Bio:

Candice Moore has a true passion for writing. She is currently just a single girl trying to get her foot into the writing industry, by any means necessary. She writes novels, short stories, songs/raps, poetry, and now articles for this site. So I hope whomever is reading this enjoys her, because what she writes is truely her.. ~Kisses~


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