madra mixed cocktail


How To Make Madras

by: Frankie Cotten

Not you're ordinary cranberry and vodka, madras are what I consider the "sophistocated" vodka drink. This is one smooth drink and it's easy to make.




1 Part Vodka (preferably Grey Goose or Smirnoff)

1 Part Cranberry Juice

1 Part Orange Juice(I was like it with a lot of pulp. It gives it an authentic taste.)








Step 1 Get a glass with ice.
Step 2 Pour one part vodka over ice.
Step 3 Combine cranberry juice and orange juice.
Step 4 Enjoy.















frankie cotten bio

Writer Bio:

Frankie Cotten, is a writer/web designer for this site. He covers night life topics and drink recipes. Stay tuned for more articles from him.


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