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Do Women Like to Drink Beer?

During any social function or outing, the question that usually comes up is what everyone will have to drink. While drinking serves as a nice social lubricant, not everyone has the same taste or the same goal. A major question that perplexes many is whether women will drink beer and if they actually like it. While some women just simply will not drink beer no matter what, most women will drink beer and the market provides many choices of beer that will cater to women.

Recently, beer companies started to understand that they were missing out on a big market of consumers, women. Instead of offering rich, hoppy beers, these companies began to introduce lighter or flavored beers to appeal to women. Bud Light Lime is a light fruity beer that many women will find to their liking. Similarly, Miller Chill offers men and women a refreshing fruity beer that is best consumed on a hot summer day. Many light beers such as Bud Light, or Coors Light are also a beer that many women will drink if they are someone who enjoys the taste of beer. Blue Moon, a richer type of beer, is often served with an orange and any option women may find to their liking. Corona is often enjoyed equally by men and women, thanks to its light flavor and popularity with adding a lime to its contents. While everybody's taste differs, if you are looking to plan a party or an evening out and need beer recommendations for women, it is usually a pretty safe bet to look toward fruit tinted beers.

While beer is the cornerstone of most bars and parties, there are many other alcoholic beverages that women enjoy. Malt beverages such as Mike's Hard Lemonade, Bacardi Silver, and Smirnoff Ice are very popular with women, for their delicious fruit filled taste along with alcoholic content similar to beer. Additionally, Wine Coolers and other flavored drinks are popular choices for women. Perhaps the most popular drinks of choice for women are mixed drinks. Fruity, colorful and fun, drinks such as margaritas, tequila sunrise, pina coladas, sangria and cosmos are almost exclusively seen as drinks for women. Wine is also very big with women, but tastes differ. If you are looking to host an event, a pink or white zinfandel is a safe, popular choice that will be amenable to everyone.

As you can see, women prefer drinks that pack a lot of taste and often have a fruity base to them. Some women will drink a thicker heavier beer like Samuel Adams or Guinness, but those women are fairly rare. The best bet before serving a woman is to ask them what their preferences are, however, if you are unable to get a read on what their likes are, you will be safe based on the recommendations presented above.











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