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Brew Pubs are Growing Across America

by: Adam Robertson

Beer is not just a drink these days it is a cultural phenomenon that seems to have taken the world quickly. While they are not sure it exactly how it began or when it got so big, one thing is for certain: beer is a drink that is definitely here to stay. If you are interested in beginning a business of your own, you might want to make money on this big business. Current estimates are in excess of 5 billion United States Dollars per year.

For whatever reason the idea of a brew pub has grown, expanded, plus evolved over the last four decades making it one of the most sought after franchise types available on the market today. Why is it so popular? The possibility of high profit for a low investment is one reason though certainly not the only reason. Investors tend to go with a product they believe in plus since plenty of Americans end their day with a pint of beer plus drink another pint at some point during the night. Beer promises some degree of demand on behalf of consumers.

With the brew pub there is obviously enough demand to warrant hefty prices on the pints of beer that are served. This means that the market is not yet saturated beyond the capacity to entertain a few more contenders in most location. Though some locations are arguably well saturated with brew pubs you'll have to decide for yourself whether the area you are considering can handle an additional brew pub store.

The joys of a great pint of beer are no longer reserved for the elite. In addition to that, they are seeing a much younger generation experiencing a renessaince when it comes to home brewing the perfect pint of beer. The popularity of beer is fueling growth in an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, much less stopping.

Beer often offers this allure. As far as pop culture goes, you will find brew pubs anywhere these days whether it's in the cities, suburbs or out in the middle of nowhere. In other words beer is becoming more plus more a way of life in the United States than yet another example of popular culture.











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