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Nightlife Fashion Trends From 2010 To 2011

Women were satisfied with the outfits they wore to nightclubs in 2010 and plan to wear the same thing in 2011 - unless some bright new Nightlife fashion trend comes along. In a recent survey conducted by this site, women indicated that they liked the clothes they wore to nightclubs last year and that they planned to get more wear out of those outfits.

When we asked, "What did you wear to a nightclub in 2010?", the most common response was "Skinny's and a cute top , all with some stiletto pumps or boots or a sexy, fitted dress with some thigh boots."

The follow-up question, "And what will you be wearing to a nightclub in 2011?", was generally answered, "Same thing, but the options may change depending on the newest fashion styles."

Women also said they liked short dresses and heels in 2010 and if they made any changes at all in 2011 it would be to get a shorter dress! Many women reported they had a wide assortment of nightlife wear such as dresses, skirts, jeans, nice tops and heels and that they had no plans to change style in 2011.

A less common response was, "Short dresses/club dresses" and once, "dress shorts with a sequined tank top". One woman said, "I wore a cocktail dress for 2010, and for 2011, I plan on wearing a shorter dress with stilettos."

A look at fashion sites online shows that these women are right to feel that their 2010 outfits will still work in 2011. While there are a wide variety of fun new outfits being offered, there is no major shift in style. Nightclub outfits will still be short and sexy with plenty of cleavage and legs on display.

Most changes are not in style but in materials used. Shimmering metallic material that will catch the lights and change color to match the club atmosphere seem to be in ascendancy. However, they do not dominate the fashion scene enough to be considered a "trend". There are still a wide variety of colors from black to spring pastels.

Not many sequins are being offered for 2011 but they are classic, classy and fun. They add sparkle, and elegance to darker clothing. Anyone with a sequined outfit should plan to wear it and out dazzle the rest of the dance floor.

One trend that seems to have faded is the animal-print craze that has held a prominent position in the fashion world for the last several years. Anyone with an animal-print dress, especially one with the larger patterns such as giraffe or zebra may want to consider hanging it in the back of the closet until the fashion sweeps through again.

Slashed clothing is still in high style, offering sexy glimpses of bare midriffs and thighs. This trend has been around for a long time and still holds on to its popularity.

But the number-one choice of women last year - cute tops with skinny's is still both the practical and glamorous choice for 2011. With a quick change of tops, jeans that were simple day wear can become part of a glam nightlife fashion trend.












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