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Top 5 Fort Lauderdale Bars

by: Andrew Wierzbicki

Maybe you've recently moved to Fort Lauderdale or there's a strong possibility you are a tourist. Either way you're probably looking into the bar scene! There are many energetic settings and atmospheres in a multitude of different bars. This article is to aid you in finding the one that suits you! I have compiled a list of 5 bars that I think are the best NOTE-these are not in any order of which one is better.

1. Dicey Riley's Some describe this bar as one of the "liveliest" of them all! They are self labeled as an Irish pub and look a lot like an old saloon. Inside the vibe is very energetic with the live bands playing at any given moment but if you want a change in scenery the outside tables are a little more relaxed.


2. Exit 66 This is more a of high energy "spring break" type club for your liking. This 3 bar/level extravaganza that is Exit 66 even includes a swimming pool in this popular party destination. Even if you can't be fortunate to go to one of their Halloween or New Year's Eve parties to have an experience of a lifetime, any visit will surely be something to remember!

3. Lulu's Bait Shop Another spring break destination would have to be Lulu's! With $15 fish bowl drinks, Louisiana bayou decor and a second level patio it's sure to be a party!

4. Beach Bums With the ladies dancing in their sexy swimwear at this concrete bar, it would absolutely be a spring break magnet! Another attraction for this crowd would be the tempting icy pool out back.

5. Fat Tuesday This party place with a New Orleans feel is home of alcoholic slushies and a very big space also in this open-air bar on the second story of Beach place. fattuesday Some customers describe it as a "non-stop" party that is well worth a visit if you don't mind loud music and loads of fun!



















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