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Rock N Roll's Greatest Artists - Huh?

By Michelle Lindsay

When I was offered the opportunity to write about Rock N Roll Greatest Artists, I was left scratching my head. I shot an email to my publisher with some questions. If it was up to me, the article would be about Celine Dion and Basia. Get my drift? Well, my publisher wrote back and said: "...more like heavy Rock." I knew I was in deep water. But, hey, I am a good swimmer. Come swim with me.

First off, I found out that Rock and Roll started here in the good ole USA in the late 1940's and 1950's. History gives the credit of the origin of Rock and Roll music to the combination of the blues, country, jazz and gospel music. And, get this. An early form of Rock and Roll was found to be influenced by Appalachian folk music and gospel. It is interesting as to how Rock and Roll music evolved. I mean Appalachian fold music? Who would have thought?

Now, let us get down to the hard core stuff. The Rolling Stones is defiantly up there as one of the greatest groups that ever collaborated since 1962. Their music appeals to everyone with such a wonderful unique sound. Their music has no bounds. Even I have a few favorites that I love to sing along with. This from a gal who once thought elevator music was cool.

Then, you have Guns N Roses. Sometimes called GNR was formed in California in 1985. They have sold more than 100 million albums. Some feel this band is reminiscent of the early years of the Rolling Stones. They are credited to have brought forth a punk attitude to the hard rock scene. What makes them so loved? Their style is a fusion of punk rock, blues rock along with heavy metal. Thus, the music reaches out to a wide variety of music lovers and fans.

The legendary Jimi Hendrix definitely ranks up there as a great artist, but sadly, short lived. His career started off in 1964 by touring with the Isley Brothers. Also, Jimi Hendrix became very popular internationally in 1967 before he became popular here in the U.S. As unique as his music was his fashion sense. So was the manner he played on stage. He was known to play with his teeth or with the guitar behind his back or over his head.

You know, when you think of it. Forty years from now we are going to be senior citizens on Bingo Night dancing and listening to the oldie but goodies of the above great artists of our time. Wow, music never fades it just evolves through time and gets better and better.

Well, my motor mouth has run out of gas praising these great artists. Mmmm. Motor Mouth...Motor City...Motown. Oh, I sense another article coming on! Yeah, you are right let's not go there. Happy Rock N Rollin'!




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Writer Bio:

Michelle Lindsay is an exper writer for Ezine Articles. To find out more about her check out her profile Ezine@rticle Expert Author,Blogger & Tweeter.


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