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Sizzle With Valentine's Day Nightlife - Or A Night In

By Michelle Lindsay

Ah, Saint Valentine's Day is upon us and our thoughts are turning to the beat of our heart. It is time to meet up with your sweetheart and have some fun or stay in on Valentine's Day. Either way, here are some suggestions to have some fun.

If a night out is what your heart yearns for, go out dining and dancing. Call the clubs and restaurants ahead of time to see if they are having a special Valentine's Day menu or specially priced drinks for that night. Want details? Ask them to fax or email it to you. Ask who the DJ is for the night. Yes, research it so you will not come up financially short. Be careful, most restaurants and clubs jack up their prices because they need the money too. So ask what the cover charge is for the night and if the ladies are free. So, call ahead and see what the prices are. Then go out and have some fun.

Is your lover the type who loves champagne, wine, roses and chocolate? What are hot right now are chocolate dipped strawberries and flowers. Many flower shops online are offering this along with stuffed animals. I cannot stress this enough. ORDER NOW if you want the flowers delivered on Valentine's Day. Also, if you are running by the florist yourself, call and order what you want ahead of time. Do not think that by waiting until the last minute you will get a discounted price. You will only get stressed from having to go from one florist to another and finding they are sold out of flowers. And ask if they are running any specials for Valentine's Day.

No love one to share Valentine's Day with? Well, don't despair. Sent some goodies from the florist to yourself. Order something online and enjoy the day. There is nothing wrong in sending love to yourself. You also can go stag to some of the dance halls. Get out there and have a good time. Who knows, maybe you will meet a new love.

Staying at home? Great! Stop by the store and pick up some nice treat and cuddle up and enjoy the night. So, there you have it. There is a little something for all of us. Enjoy!




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Writer Bio:

Michelle Lindsay is an exper writer for Ezine Articles. To find out more about her check out her profile Ezine@rticle Expert Author,Blogger & Tweeter.


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