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Planning a Girls Only Vacation

By Jan DJ

Girl Power! This phrase is becoming more and more popular. We see many events and promos going on exclusively for girls only. Why not, there truly is a different kind of fun and excitement you can enjoy with an all girls party which is not possible if there is any male around. So if you are throwing an all girls party vacation either for your mom and aunts or with your bffs, here are some of the best vacation destinations perfect for an all-girls holiday.

Sunny Isles in Florida USA - For a girl party with a funky and chic theme, this tropical barrier island resort is the perfect venue. Sunny Isles is located between Fort Lauderdale and the South Beach in Miami. The once sleepy resort lined with the motels of the 50's is now a lively stretch of beautiful beaches with towering hotels and luxury apartments transforming the old slow ambiance into a hip and chic one. You and your girl-team will love to laze around the beach enjoying a book or having a nice chit-chat, go on a shopping spree to the nearby commercial centers and have a wild night out at one of the bars in town.

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico - As the second largest beach resort in the whole of Mexico, you can and will find fun and excitement here and served in large doses too. Lined with premier holiday establishments like luxury hotels, shopping centers and recreational parks, your all girls' party can never be dull. You can also experience the charm of the Mexico that was in the city's historical district. You and your girl company can relax and enjoy time away while being pampered in one of the many spas and beauty treatment centers. A direct or connecting flight from any ports in the US can bring you to this beautiful Mexican resort.

Meadowood in Napa - For a unique and unforgettable girl party, bring your girlfriends or your mother, aunts, sisters and mother-in-law and sisters-in-law to Meadowood. Nestled in a forested hillside of a discreet valley, you and your girl company can surely have a unique resort-home vacation getaway. Meadowood has a total of 85 cottages, suites and lodges where you can spend wonderful bonding moments with your girlfriends. The lush and green forest area is ideal for hiking and camping. Swimming is available seasonally and at several indoor pools.

While in Meadowood, spend a day visiting the nearby St. Helena Olive Oil Company where you can find the best selections of vinegar, olive oils, salamis and even jams and preserves. For sweet lovers, don't fail to visit the Woodhouse Chocolate where you can find satisfaction for your sweetest cravings. Freckles, one of the leading brands of children's clothing also houses its manufacturing plant here where you can buy souvenirs for your kids and take advantage of the one-of-a-kinds for your favorite "little girls".

These are just three of the best vacation destinations for an all girl party. There are a lot more to come. So what are you waiting for, book your reservations now and have a wonderful all girls party and let's all shout "Viva Girl Power!"












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